Kurt Molnar

Kurt joined Kiwetinohk two years ago as SVP, Business Development. Kurt brought with him a 30+ year track record for excellence in all facets of energy finance, most recently being independently ranked as among the top three equity analysts in his field for the five consecutive years prior to his joining Kiwetinohk.

Kurt’s highly diversified background in energy finance includes being a prior founder of a successful private oil and gas company, a corporate lender to the oil and gas industry, an institutional equity salesperson specializing in energy equities and as the leader of an energy investment banking group. This diversity of background, with both banks and boutiques, is particularly valuable today given the change underway in energy finance.

Throughout Kurt’s equity research career, he was routinely independently ranked among the best of his equity peers for identifying emerging new trends, opportunities or threats in energy markets. Kurt’s vast experience with debt and equity financing, and analyzing, energy companies/global energy markets, provides valuable experience and context in a Canadian energy industry that is currently undergoing widespread change and consolidation.

At Kiwetinohk, Kurt coordinates the merger and acquisition process for both upstream and downstream assets, and he led the Power team while Kiwetinohk recruited a Green Power President.

Kurt holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Calgary, with a major in Finance.