Deep basin production and growth

Strategically located assets

  • Superior development area: strong Montney and Duvernay production base in active greater Kaybob area
  • Optionality: dry gas – liquids rich window provides a variety of economic opportunities and flexibility to control our product mix
  • Running room: 119 drilling inventory locations identified
  • Asset retirement: low asset retirement obligation with plan to aggressively retire inactive assets within 5 – 7 years
  • Climate: modern facilities with added methane reduction opportunities under review

Established portfolio

  • Four operated gas processing facilities with over 160 mmcf/d of capacity1
  • 25% Working Interest in partner-operated gas processing facility with 85 mmcf/d of capacity

Large scale processing platform with capacity

  • Available Simonette owned facility capacity (~50%) allows for reduced fixed cost per boe with production adds
  • Efficient and modern facilities offer low cost

Operational excellence

  • Low operating costs and high liquids (~40%) contribute to high margins
  • Low-cost debottlenecking opportunities (~25% increase in capacity) through compression addition


  • Operations proximal to Alliance (rich gas), Pembina (liquids) and TC (lean gas) pipelines
  • Access to key water infrastructure
  • Close proximity to power infrastructure projects provides future opportunity for integrated synergies