Prime Directive

ESG Leadership Through Stakeholder Inclusion

At Kiwetinohk we recognize that the fortunes of our stakeholders are inseparable. In the long term, for any to benefit, all must be engaged and contribute. We acknowledge these stakeholders and the duty to address the reasonable desires of each:

People, everywhere, who seek to protect the environment want us to reach beyond compliance and find ways to lead the energy industry in reducing the environmental impact of our activities, restoring disturbed land and reducing greenhouse gas emissions intensity

Governments and regulators want us to comply with all laws and regulations and to advise them of changes that would enable the industry to better serve society

Communities most impacted by the Company’s activities, including indigenous communities, want to participate in planning, building and operating projects and in promptly restoring the land when the projects are done

Industry partners want us to honor our arrangements and reasonably accommodate change and adaptation

Customers want us to reliably deliver our products at the specifications and in the amounts that we forecast

Suppliers and service providers want an opportunity to compete for our business, to be paid promptly and fairly, and to contribute to the evolution of our business

Employees want an energizing, inclusive, happy work environment where everyone is treated with dignity and respect, to be compensated fairly and a safe and healthy workplace

Capital Providers want strong returns on their investment, effective communication, and management of risks; financial, environmental and reputational

We at Kiwetinohk see ourselves in the business of serving our stakeholders and together, with them, we will strive to produce energy. By engaging all our stakeholders openly and honestly and by encouraging their participation in our business we expect to best serve each of them. This goal of building a better enterprise by stakeholder engagement and accommodation is our prime directive. The pursuit of this objective is the foundation of all Kiwetinohk’s management conduct policies.