The transition starts now

Clean energy is urgently needed to avoid the worst outcomes of climate change

Kiwetinohk is focused on profitable, high impact
increments toward net zero emissions

  • Low relative upstream emissions profile driven by liquids-rich gas focus
  • “Firm Renewables,” dispatchable, high-efficiency natural-gas fired power generation enables more solar and wind
  • 700 MW renewable power in development, approval and financing
  • Anticipated long-term growth in net zero energy systems, including hydrogen and circular economy

Tools Kiwetinohk is deploying to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The energy transition is on!

Kiwetinohk’s strategy is to lead the transition into more sustainable low- and zero-carbon energy. As we move forward, we seek to leverage our integrated gas to power business and innovation to commercialize other emerging green energy technologies and deliver diversified, low carbon energy and valuable products and services in a circular economy.

Kiwetinohk will release its 2021 ESG Report in 2022, including GHG performance reporting, climate-related risk management and targets in alignment with the Task Force on Climate Related Financial Disclosure.

Read more about Kiwetinohk’s low and zero carbon energy transition strategy in our Corporate Presentation.