Opal Power Plant

Firm, available power for grid stability

Opal Power Plant

The Opal Power Plant is a proposed 101 megawatt (MW) flexible gas-fired power plant, with potential carbon capture, and a 138kV substation located on crown land approximately 1.3 kilometres south of the Town of Fox Creek, Alberta. Opal will be connected to the Alberta Interconnected Electric System via a new transmission line.

Opal will occupy approximately 6 acres of land on a total lease area of 18 acres.

Major components of the Opal Power Plan include nine high-efficiency hydrogen capable gas engine sets, one new 138kV substation (consisting of two 70MVA 138kV power transformers) and a control building.

What is ‘Firm Renewable’ Power?

Alberta is targeting to produce at least 30% of its electricity from renewable sources by the end of 2030. While several renewable energy projects are underway to achieve this target, including Kiwetinohk’s Homestead and Granum solar projects, other sources of reliable, low carbon electricity are needed to support the buildout of intermittent renewable energy and support both the province’s energy requirements and clean energy ambitions.

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Community Benefits

The Opal Power Plant will offer a number of benefits, including:
  • A clean, reliable, cost-effective source of new electricity supply
  • Employment opportunities during construction and operations
  • Increased tax income for the municipality
  • A value-added, sustainable use for Alberta’s large natural gas resource
  • Potential for regional industrial hub for natural gas, low cost electricity, hydrogen, carbon capture and associated products

Indigenous & Stakeholder Engagement

Kiwetinohk is engaged with local First Nations regarding the potential impacts and benefits from the Opal Power Plant, including opportunities for Indigenous businesses during construction, operations and maintenance and ensuring Indigenous environmental knowledge and cultural needs are included as part of project planning.

Environmental Assessments

Air Emissions

Air emissions modelling is underway and the results will be included in Kiwetinohk’s application to the Alberta Utilities Commission. The project will meet the Alberta Air Emission Standard for Electricity Generation and the Alberta Emission Guidelines for Electricity Generation and the Alberta Ambient Air Quality Objectives and Guidelines as required.

Noise Impact Assessment

A detailed Noise Impact Assessment (NIA) is being undertaken to ensure the Opal Power Plan adheres to the Alberta Utilities Commission Rule 012: Noise Control during both he construction and operation phases. A copy of the NIA will be included in the application to the Alberta Utilities Commission, which is anticipated in January 2022.

Environmental Assessments

A variety of wildlife assessments, wetland / watercourse assessments, vegetation and rare plants surveys and soils assessment are being completed as required by Alberta Environment and Park. Environmental assessment information and proposed mitigation measures will be submitted to AEP during the Industrial Designation application process. An application will be completed pursuant to the Historical Resources Act and clearance will be obtained prior to construction.

Project Schedule

Project Schedule 
Public NotificationAugust 2021
Personal & Indigenous ConsultationSeptember 2021 – February 2022
AEP Disposition ApplicationOctober 2021
Update NotificationJanuary 2022
AEP Industrial ApplicationFebruary 2022
AUC ApplicationsFebruary 2022
Anticipated AUC ApprovalJune 2022
Anticipated AUC Industrial ApprovalDecember 2022
Construction StartApril 2023
In-Service DateSeptember 2024