Lisa Wong

Lisa Wong is a 30-year veteran of the oil and gas industry, with experience in Finance, Accounting and Organizational Effectiveness.

After graduating from University of Calgary with a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Finance, her career began as a Financial Analyst at Murphy Oil, Canadian Division and continued in progressively senior roles at various oil and gas companies.

Starting in 1999 through to 2011, she was part of various management teams that founded and successfully sold start up private equity companies Passage Energy Inc., Krang Energy Inc., Breton Energy Inc., and Caltex Energy Ltd.

While at Nexen Inc. from 2012 to 2015, Lisa progressed to Manager, Production and Royalty Reporting and Compliance, North American Operations. She was part of the integration team that worked with CNOOC International during their Nexen Inc. acquisition where she utilized her language skills and knowledge and respect of the Chinese culture to assist in the integration.

At Kiwetinohk, Lisa manages communications, information and records, human resources, office space and oversees the administrative support team. Lisa teaches and coaches customized management systems that the Company uses to coordinate projects among multiple functional groups.